Stoptober 2021: The Best E-liquids for Quitting Smoking

First off, we want to say congratulations for starting your quit smoking journey! With most of the 888 Vapour team being ex-smokers ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to kick the habit, and we’re rooting for you! 

If you’ve already made the switch to vaping, you might be looking to start exploring some new e-liquids. Earlier this week, we shared some of our favourite starter kits, which you can take a look at here. If you’ve picked out your vape kit, or if you already have one, you’ll need some tasty and satisfying vape juice to go with it. In today’s blog, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 e-liquids for quitting smoking.

V4 & V4 Salt

First up, we’ve got our popular V4POUR 10mls. Available in both freebase are nic salt blends, the V4 collection is the perfect choice for ex-smokers. With over 60 flavours to take your pick from, you’re guaranteed to find your new go-to vape juice. 

The nicotine salt range offers a higher nicotine strength and smoother draw compared to the freebase formula, which provides a stronger throat hit more similar to the sensation of smoking cigarettes. If you’re unsure, it might be a good idea to give both a try to help you find the perfect vape for you. 

Some of our favourite flavours include Mango Ice Salt, a tempting blend of mango with a cool blast of menthol. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Bubblegum could be the perfect choice for you. This 40VG/60PG 10ml offers great flavour with your mouth-to-lung vape kit. 

Blackcurrant Ice Salt is probably one of our most popular blends, serving up a tasty mix of tangy blackcurrant with a hint of sweetness and a cool ice kick on the exhale. Throughout Stoptober you can get your hands on 6 bottles of V4 for just £10, so now’s the perfect time to try this delicious collection that offers great taste and unbeatable value for money. 


With 36 tempting flavours to choose from, IVG’s freebase e-liquids are another great choice for anyone making the switch to vaping. Now available in over 60 countries across 6 continents, IVG is well-liked for it’s huge range of high-quality flavours. 

One popular choice amongst dessert fans is Cookie Dough, a tempting 50VG/50PG 10ml that delivers a sweet and moreish all-day vape. At just 4 for £10, their freebase e-liquids are ideal for those looking for great flavour combined with a satisfying throat hit. Pina Colada Salt is always a hit with drink lovers, serving up a fruity and refreshing burst of flavour that’ll keep you coming back for more.  VG’s salt collection is currently available at 3 for £10, with 25 varieties to enjoy.

Over The Border Salt

Earlier this year, Over The Border released 6 new vibrant and unique nicotine salts to add to their successful range of shortfills. At 4 for £10, there’s never been a better time to try these popular flavours. 

El Azul is a delicious mix of wintery forest berries, aniseed and a cool hint of menthol. This 50VG/50PG vape juice is perfect for fruit lovers looking for something a little different. El Malva, one of the most popular flavours, is a tasty mix of rich dark grape complete with sharp notes of pink grapefruit and an icy mint exhale. With Over The Border, you can truly enjoy a wide mix of super-smooth flavours.

Billionaire Juice

Billionaire Juice is a delicious collection of high-quality e-liquids, serving up a wide range of drink, fruit and sweet blends. There’s 15 tasty flavours to pick from, so why not try them all to find your new favourite salt nic. 

These 50VG/50PG 10mls include Platinum Pink Diamond, a popular flavour thanks to its delicate balance of sweet strawberries and fizzy lemonade. 2.0 Banana Ice Salt is another great choice. This luxurious ice cream blend mixes mellow banana with a cool menthol kick, a super-smooth all-day vape any ex-smoker can enjoy.


Saltyv have 8 fruity flavours that are sure to keep you refreshed and satisfied. Stay hydrated with these fruity, mouth-watering flavours, each available in 20mg nicotine salts. Nicotine salts consist of the natural salts found in the tobacco leaf, producing a smooth vape without a harsh throat hit. This allows the nicotine to be absorbed into the body quicker, giving you a nicotine delivery similar to a traditional cigarette. 

At 6 for £10, now’s the perfect time to try out a Saltyv bundle. Wimto is always a hit, blending juicy blackcurrant with a hint of lime and raspberry. Another popular flavour from this 50VG/50PG collection is Blackjack Salt, which packs the taste of your favourite classic candy sweet into a 10ml bottle. 

So, that’s a list of our top five e-liquids for quitting smoking! We’ve got a huge range of other delicious vape juices to choose from on our website though, so take a look online or pop into one of our stores to find your perfect match. 

Don’t forget that throughout the month of October, we’re giving away three free bottles of V4 or V4 Salt with every kit purchased! So if you’ve not already sorted yourself out with a high-quality device, now’s the ideal time! 

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