Why we believe in our high street vape shops

Every vaper knows the difference that a good high street vape shop makes. More than selling your favourite e-liquids and hardware, a vape shop is a place to gain advice and connect with the wider vaping community. We believe that our 11 high street shops make the difference between our customers living smoke-free or going back to cigarettes, here’s why.    

Quitting advice

There’s no doubt that one of the main things that our shop staff provide is their own experience of quitting. This is no surprise – a UK study found that 90% of people who enter vape shops ask for advice to quit smoking. Many people that come to visit our shops in East Midlands are smokers looking to quit or people that dual-use and want to cut out cigarettes completely. Our staff are all very knowledgeable and can support with queries about the best vape devices and e-liquids to help quit smoking.

Like-minded people

Much like sports or gaming, vaping often becomes a hobby. It’s a no brainer that our shops are open for vapers to come in and talk about vaping, as well as being a place to buy e-liquidshardware and vaping accessories. If you’re looking to get clued in on the next flavour drop or you want some tips for finding your ADV (all day vape), we’ve got staff with the knowledge and approachability to help.

Trial and error

Not enjoying your most recent e-liquid flavour but not sure what to try next? It’s a situation that every vaper has been in. The great thing about our high street shops (once lockdown restrictions are eased) is that we are able to offer suggestions on e-liquids and vaping mods, so you can make informed decisions. This will save you money on all the e-liquids that gather dust in the drawer, plus you might discover an e-liquid or mod that re-sparks your enthusiasm for vaping and stops you from going back to cigarettes.


Whether it’s a bad day in the office or stress at home, every smoker that’s trying to quit goes through bad days. It’s all too easy to go and buy yourself a pack of cigarettes when the going gets tough. Our shops are open to anyone that needs some support when quitting smoking seems impossible. Our staff are friendly and can offer you vaping advice to get your smoke-free journey back on track. 
High street shops are the lifeblood of the vaping community, providing a space to gain advice, explore vaping products and get the tools they need to quit smoking. We love engaging with vapers – in fact, we’re super excited to have recently opened a new vape shop in the heart of Nottingham city centre! No matter where you’re based in the East Midlands, why not visit one of our high street shops today and see what we’re all about?

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