5 facts you might not have known about vaping

5 facts you might not have known about vaping

Melissa Greenlaw

Quitting smoking is never easy, but doing so will help to drastically improve your health and wellbeing. Vaping is now one of the most popular ways to quit, but there’s a lot of misleading headlines out there spreading misinformation about its safety and effectiveness. 

To cut through the fiction, we’ve put together five facts you might not have known about vaping. 

1. Vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking

According to an expert evidence review published by Public Health England (PHE), vaping is estimated to be at least 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. Despite this, nearly 45% of the population aren’t aware that vape devices and e-liquids are far less harmful than smoking. 

This is likely down to sensational headlines published in the news. A lot of work has been put into dispelling the myths surrounding the safety of vaping. The NHS and PHE, alongside the UKVIA and vape companies across the country, keep a close eye on research into the area to ensure the public are receiving the most up-to-date facts possible. 

2. Switching to e-cigarettes could improve your blood vessel health within just one month

A study published by the University of Dundee in 2019, funded by the British Heart Foundation, suggested that vaping may be less harmful to your blood vessels than smoking cigarettes. Within one month of switching to e-cigarettes, measures of blood vessel health started to improve. This included improvements in blood pressure and artery stiffness.

In response to the findings, Martin Dockrell, Tobacco Control Programme Lead at Public Health England, said: “People might be surprised at how much easier it is to quit with an electronic cigarette. Any smoker with a heart condition has almost certainly tried to quit in the past, and failed. Try again with an electronic cigarette because you might find that’s a lot easier.” 

3. E-cigarettes helped an additional 50-70,000 smokers in England to quit in a single year

A 2019 study funded by Cancer Research UK found a positive link between the number of people in England giving up smoking and the number of people trying to quit using e-cigarettes.

Led and published by the University College London, the research found that as the use of e-cigarettes in quit attempts rose, so did the success rate of quitting smoking. When the increase in e-cigarette use plateaued in 2015, so did the increase it quit success. The research team used this data to estimate that between 50,000 ‑ 70,000 smokers quit in 2017 who would have otherwise continued smoking. 

4. There have been no identified health risks of passive vaping to bystanders

Exposure to second-hand smoke from a cigarette is harmful to bystanders, which is why it’s banned in many enclosed public spaces. However, these laws don’t cover e-cigarettes, meaning workplaces and pubs for example are allowed to set their own regulations on vaping. 

PHE’s 2018 evidence review found that to date, there have been no identified health risks of passive vaping to others. E-liquids typically contain nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavourings, with strict safety regulations placed on vape juice made and sold in the UK. 

E-cigarettes don’t emit the harmful side-stream vapour that cigarettes do, so by making the switch you’ll be improving your own health and protecting your loved ones.

5. Smoking cigarettes costs around 3 times as much as using e-cigarettes

According to Cancer Research UK, the average smoker will spend around £160 on smoking each month. Vapers on the other hand, spend just £60 per month on their vape products, costing almost 3 times less than cigarettes. As the price of tobacco products continues to rise, switching to vaping now could boost both your health and your bank account. 

The savings you make will depend on your choice of products and usage. Picking up a simple and reliable starter kit alongside some top-quality affordable e-liquids is the best way to start off your quit smoking journey. 

If you’re making the switch to vaping, pop into one of our stores or shop online for everything you need to get started! We’ve got a huge selection of the most popular vape starter kits, as well as vape coils and thousands of delicious e-liquids. 

Finally, good luck with your quit smoking journey!

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