Disposable Vapes: How We’re Combating Vape Waste at 888 Vapour

Disposable Vapes: How We’re Combating Vape Waste at 888 Vapour

Melissa Greenlaw

The disposable vape trend has grown exponentially in recent months, and it’s not slowing down any time soon. 

Disposable kits are a great solution for smokers trying to quit, or vapers on the move looking for a portable, stress-free solution. But as with all single-use plastics and electricals, they’ll quickly start to pile up in landfills if we don’t dispose of them properly. 

Here at 888 Vapour, we’re dedicated to minimising our impact on the planet wherever possible. To help our customers responsibly dispose of their disposable vapes, we’re introducing dedicated recycling bins in each of our high street stores. 

But why have disposable e-cigarettes become so popular? And why is it so important that we do something about the waste problem now? Let’s take a closer look. 

What are disposable vape kits and why are they so popular?

Disposable vape pens are small, non-rechargeable bars that come prefilled with e-liquid in a variety of flavours. As these kits don’t require charging and use auto-draw technology, all you need to do is remove the packaging and start to vape - it’s as easy as that! 

So other than their simplicity and portability, what are the benefits of disposable vape kits? 

First off, they allow you to try lots of new flavours without having to clean out your tank and change the coil as you usually would in your bigger devices, so there’s no need to worry about your last e-liquid spoiling your fresh new vape!

They’re ideal for ex-smokers who are just beginning their vaping journey. If you’re finding the huge range of mods and kits out there too steep a learning curve, then disposable kits could be a great starting point for you. 

Disposable vape pens are also a great option for social smokers. You’ll get much better value for money compared to that pack of cigarettes you’d usually buy on a night out, all without sacrificing that authentic sensation of smoking tobacco. 

Speaking of nights out, they’re perfect for any vaper who doesn’t want to take their more expensive day-to-day device to the club. 

There’s nothing worse than waking up and realising you’ve lost your prized vape kit on the way back from the kebab shop, so you’ll be far less upset the next morning if it’s just a cheap disposable device that’s gone missing! 

Whilst disposable vapes offer loads of short-term benefits, their long-term impact on the planet is not so great. 

Aside from the fact that they use more single-use plastic than a reusable vape kit, they also contain liquid and a non-rechargeable battery, making them much more difficult to recycle. 

To help, we’ve introduced new recycling bins in every 888 Vapour store. And it’s not just disposables you can recycle, we’ve also added a second bin specifically dedicated to removable vape batteries, rechargeable vape pens and kits that don’t contain e-liquid. 

Whatever you need to dispose of, you can now safely recycle it in any 888 Vapour store. Here’s the system explained in a little more detail.

Using our new bin system

Here's a quick breakdown of how to use our new bins. If you're still not sure which bin your product belongs in, our in-store teams will be on hand to help.

So, next time you’re vaping with a disposable device, be sure to hold onto it and pop in to recycle it whenever you’re next passing an 888 Vapour store. 

We’ve got lots of top-quality disposable vape kits in stock, so it’s also a great opportunity to grab yourself a new one, or maybe even upgrade to a reusable device!

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