Unreal Raspberry: Jack Rabbit’s delicious new e-liquid

Unreal Raspberry: Jack Rabbit’s delicious new e-liquid

Melissa Greenlaw

The infamous Jack Rabbit team are back with another tasty range of e-liquids! Building on the success of the original Jack Rabbit, Rachael Rabbit, and Cyber Rabbit, their latest release is set to be a firm favourite amongst fruit flavoured vape fans. 

Unreal Raspberry is a tempting collection of blue raspberry based 70VG/30PG shortfills that serve up a delicious all-day sub-ohm vape. We sat down with Jack Rabbit’s Co-founder and Managing Director Josh Douglas, to find out more about the brand and what inspired the new Unreal Raspberry range. 

Tell us a bit about yourself and the brand. How did Jack Rabbit begin?

In 2015, me and my best friend Toran started mixing e-liquids in our bedrooms for friends and family. From there it grew through word of mouth and more people wanting to try it, and we realised we must be doing something right. Toran then converted his garage into a clean room and we started manufacturing more seriously. 

We eventually got an order from Oxford Vapours for ten of each of the flavours we were making, that was 100 bottles, which at the time was huge for us. After panicking about how we were going to pull that off, we produced the range and it just exploded from there as Vape Base took us on.

Later, we rebranded and gave the Jack Rabbit brand a facelift. We brought out the salts range in 2018, followed by Rachael Rabbit in 2019 and eventually Cyber Rabbit. We also opened Dispergo, which is the online store and manufacturers behind Okay Orange, Udderly and Five Valleys to name a few. We’re still based in Oxfordshire, creating more brands like Unreal Raspberry, so we’ve come a long long way since the DIY days in our bedrooms!

Aside from Unreal Raspberry, what’s your favourite range you’ve created so far?

I’d say it’s got to be the original Jack Rabbit shortfill range. Banoffee Pie was the original recipe and it’s still our biggest seller and most successful e-liquid brand by far. It won an award the other year, taking Best Dessert in the Sub-Ohm Awards. We’re still really proud of it and we wouldn’t be here without it as it was our first collection. 

What’s your usual process when creating new e-liquids? 

It depends on whether we decide on a full brand first or a flavour profile. With Unreal Raspberry, the brand was decided on before the product. We then spit-balled ideas for flavours and blends to pair with the blue raspberry base. Steve, our mixologist, will develop flavours until he’s happy with them, and then the rest of the team will try it. We then make any tweaks until everyone’s happy with it whilst the rest of the team works on design and branding. 

The process can take a while though, it took us 36 attempts before we were finally happy with Jack Rabbit Custard Doughnut! But that’s all part of it, if it doesn’t taste great then it just won’t sell. In the final stage, we do all the necessary testing and put out samples in the shop for people to try. We then take on any feedback before releasing the final product, which has always proved to be really helpful. 

What was the inspiration behind Unreal Raspberry? 

Blue raspberry was and still is one of the most popular e-liquid flavours, so we knew it was something we wanted to create. We tried loads of varieties and combinations of fruit blends before settling on our final five flavours. 

We called it Unreal Raspberry because the classic blue raspberry flavour was never actually a real flavouring. It came from the sweets and ice pops that were just plain raspberry flavoured with a blue food colouring, so it’s a play on that story. 

In terms of design and branding, we wanted to keep it clean and simple. Each flavour uses the blue raspberry dipped in its corresponding colour, keeping it simple and recognisable. My personal favourite is the pineapple one, Yellow. We think it’s the best range we’ve ever created, and if it’s as popular as we hope, Unreal could potentially become a brand itself with other fruit bases. 

What’s the future look like for the Jack Rabbit brand?

We recently brought out Rabbit Fusion after we noticed lots of customers buying our existing brands and mixing them together. It’s helped boost the brand again so we could possibly do more things like this in the future, making more reactive collections. We’re also looking at potentially adding new flavours to the existing lines to replace old ones, but we won’t scrap all the classic favourites. We’ll maybe keep making new brands, maybe not. It all depends on what our customers want!

What are you vaping at the minute?

I’m always vaping Rachael Rabbit Orange Mango and Passionfruit, I can’t get enough of it! Since we’ve released Unreal Raspberry though, I’ve just switched onto Yellow. For me, it’s the perfect mix of my favourite sweet and tangy fruits. 

What’s your favourite kit? 

If I’m vaping shortfills I use my GeekVape L200 with the HorizonTech Sakerz tank, it offers great flavour and it’s a really reliable kit. With nicotine salts I use Aegis Mini 2 (M100), as it has great battery life and offers unbeatable flavour with nic salts. 

Thank you so much to Josh for taking the time to talk to us and congratulations on the new e-liquid brand!

The countdown is on! To get your hands on the exciting new Unreal Raspberry range on release day, head over to our website tomorrow! Why not try all five flavours? With free next day delivery on all orders over £25, you’ll be one of the first vapers to sample them when you order with 888 Vapour! 

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