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What would YOU like to see from 888 Vapour?

What would YOU like to see from 888 Vapour?

We understand that the vaping industry is huge, and there are a wide variety of products on offer to cater to all vapers and their preferences. From recent customer feedback, we will be expanding our online catalogue to offer all of our customers more choice when they shop with us.

Although we already have a list of products in mind, we'd like to hear from you directly about what kind of products you'd like to see on our website. No suggestion is too big or too small, after all, where would we be without you?

Whether there is a certain type of coil, a new mod, a specific e-liquid brand or even just a replacement glass for the tank you have - we are happy to hear any suggestions or recommendations. 

If you'd like to send your suggestion over to us, you can do so via our contact page here.

Make sure you keep an eye on our website over the next few weeks to check out all the new products that we'll have in stock! 

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eilish - January 8, 2020

You used to stock a 25ml shortfill range of glazed doughnut flavours. The cinnamon glazed doughnut was like no other juice I have ever tried. By far the best I have ever tried and I am so sad you no longer have it as I cannot find it anywhere else.

I think there should be an expansion of the V4POUR juices. I’ve been told they’re 888 vapours own brand of juices… if this is true you should certainly expand on them, They are the best value juices I’ve tried. 50ml for £8 is amazing and the quality of the juices is perfect. They are ideal for priming sub-ohm coils.

I’d love if you could stock Fuzion vapor juices too. The flavours are so unique. The unicorn blood in that range is something else. Depending on the wattage setting of your vape, you get different flavour profiles come through.

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