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Keep your batteries safe and secure when they’re not in use with a battery case available from 888 Vapour!

18650 Battery Case Clear

Plastic Two Bay 18650 Battery Case

888 Vapour Ltd

This two-bay 18650 battery case is great for keeping you and your batteries protected against drops, shorts and other damage. The lid snaps shut to...

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Coil Master 18650 Dual Battery Case

Coil Master 18650 Silicone Battery Cases

Coil Master

The Coil Master 18650 Silicone Battery Case offers a unique way to carry your 18650 batteries safely and in style. Coil Master’s innovative Silico...

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You can take your pick from either the Coil Master silicone battery cases or a plastic two bay 18650 battery case. Keeping your batteries in a special case avoids any damage, nicks or tears in the wrapping, and also keeps them away from other objects such as loose change or keys.

As these batteries are more powerful, always remember to never place batteries lose in a pocket with items such as spare change or keys, as this can cause your batteries to vent or potentially explode.

It’s also important to keep your battery wraps intact, and always rewrap them if the wrapping is showing any signs of wear and tear to keep them in the best condition possible. Charging them with a dedicated bay charger will also ensure that your batteries are charged correctly and safely.

Any questions on battery safety? Drop us an email on or call us on 01522 244880 and we’d be more than happy to help!

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