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Spend over £25 and get FREE Tracked 24 delivery!


A tank is an essential part of any e-cigarette. It is essentially the casing that holds your chosen e-liquid and allows the vapour to be created. The amount of vapour produced by your vape is dependent on your selection of tank. Tanks come in a range of styles, and designs to ensure there is something to suit everyone.  

What is an RDA?

RDA stands for Rebuildable Drip Atomizer. This is a dripper system in which you ‘build’ your own coil. This is done by wrapping a coil which is then attached to the system before a wick is added. The main benefit of RDAs is that you can build your own coil to fit your ideal resistance. Not long ago, these actually used to be the only way to obtain an effective vape as ‘drop in coils’ were not widely available to buy. Today vape aficionados often still opt for an RDA as it allows them to personalise their experience. In addition to this it also helps to vape for as cheaply as possible and is the most popular system amongst those looking to blow the biggest clouds possible.

With an RDA you drip the e-liquid from a bottle into the tank and vape it off (this will take two or three puffs) before adding some more drops of liquid. This means that it is easier to change liquid flavours more frequently. However, the disadvantage of this for many is having to carry liquid bottles around.


MTL stands for Mouth to Lung and is basically a style of inhaling the vapour from your e-cig, products defined as MTL enable you to easily vape in this way. This form of vaping is similar to using a straw; you draw the vapour into your mouth before inhaling and sucking it into your lungs. These tanks use high ohm coils (1.0 ohm and above) and have a number of benefits. Due to the slow method of inhalation they use e-liquid at a slower rate. This method and style of device is ideal for those using vapes to help them stop smoking as it is similar to the way in which a traditional cigarette is inhaled. The effect is more subtle, making it also suitable for those new to vaping or who only vape occasionally, whilst the extended time in the mouth also leads to a more intense flavour.

Sub Ohm

Sub ohm vape tanks are better for a style of vaping often referred to as DL (direct lung). DL vaping provides a more intense effect than MTL, and while many vapers find this satisfying it can be overwhelming, particularly for new vapers. For the cloud chaser among us, it’s worth knowing that sub-ohm vapes are the best for producing the thickest clouds of vapour.

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