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Swag Jus Blue Raspberry Salt E-Liquid

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Nicotine Strength

Swag Jus Blue Raspberry nicotine salt e-liquid lets you get that sweet and sour tang that's been missing all your life with this juicy blue raspberry flavour!

Salt nicotine is made from the same nicotine found within the tobacco plant leaf but requires a different manufacturing process to freebase nicotine to make it effective to vape. The original nicotine is mixed with an acid to lower the pH level, creating a smoother throat hit compared to traditional freebase. This means that users can vape nicotine salts at higher strengths without experiencing an uncomfortable harsh throat hit.

Available in 10mg or 20mg strength in a 10ml bottle.

This e-liquid is perfect in pod systems, starter kits and MTL tanks.

To achieve a truly "vapourless" experience, please use a brand new vape device or a new pod.

Due to the unique way Swag Jus is made a vapourless experience will not be achieved if Swag Jus is contaminated with other e-liquids.

This product contains nicotine which is an addictive substance. Persons must be 18+ to purchase this product.