Heat Not Burn Tobacco with the IQOS Iluma Range available at 888 Vapour both online and in store. All Iluma Kits come with 2 TEREA Packs. Please select your own TEREA Pack flavours when buying your IQOS Iluma.

IQOS Reviews

Dean, Grantham

Iluma is brilliant!

"I bought my Iluma online and collected it at my local 888 shop and 3 months in, I'm nearly off the cigarettes completely. Great product."

Juliet, West Bridgford

TEREA Blue is an amazing menthol!

"I buy my TEREA in sleeves and they last so much longer than I expected. £6 a pack is a good price, cheaper than cigs."

Ahmed, Leeds

Quick Delivery. Good for quitting smoking!

"Ordered the Iluma One from online, arrived next day and I am not disppointed. Mauve TEREA."



The IQOS Iluma NEON Range is now available at Shop In Shop 888 Vapour IQOS Stores. The Iluma NEON range highlights a sharper, more striking kit for your Heated Tobacco Sticks. The Iluma NEON range is for use with TEREA Tobacco Sticks and those only.

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Heat Not Burn Tobacco

Tobacco Sticks

TEREA sticks come in various flavours, including:

Yellow, Amber, Teak, Sienna, and Russet sticks enhance the tobacco base with flavours like nuts, malt, wood, and tea.

Turquoise (low-intensity), Green (balanced peppermint), and Blue (bold and cool) sticks offer varying levels of menthol.

Mauve sticks provide a distinct aroma with mild berry and mint notes.


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