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    IQOS Iluma One Kit

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    About this IQOS Iluma

    Ignite the Future of Heated Tobacco with IQOS Iluma One: Now Unveiled at 888 Vapour!

    Step into a new era of tobacco enjoyment with the revolutionary IQOS Iluma One Heated Tobacco Device, proudly offered exclusively at 888 Vapour. Elevate your smoking experience with this cutting-edge innovation that sets a new standard for tobacco satisfaction.

    Introducing IQOS Iluma One: A True Marvel of Engineering

    IQOS Iluma One is not merely a device; it represents the pinnacle of modern engineering artistry. Meticulously crafted for both precision and style, this sleek masterpiece redefines convenience while delivering an unparalleled tobacco encounter that will leave you entranced.

    A Quantum Leap in Heated Tobacco Technology

    With IQOS Iluma One, IQOS once again shatters the confines of heated tobacco technology. The device boasts a rapid, seamless heating process that unveils a rich, satisfying tobacco flavour without the need for combustion. Prepare to immerse yourself in the genuine essence of tobacco, free from the inconveniences of ash, smoke, or lingering odours.

    Elevate Every Puff to a Moment of Pure Pleasure

    IQOS Iluma One transcends the ordinary, elevating each tobacco moment to a realm of extraordinary delight. The device ensures consistent, uniform heating of the tobacco, delivering an unadulterated, velvety vapour that dances across your palate, creating an indulgence that knows no equal.

    Experience Unmatched Liberation

    Diverge from the norms of traditional smoking with IQOS Iluma One, embracing a world where tobacco is savoured without the limitations of smoke or open flame. Bid farewell to concerns about singed fabrics or surroundings. With IQOS Iluma One, embrace your tobacco journey with newfound liberation and peace of mind.

    Embrace the Future Today at 888 Vapour

    Embark on a journey of possibilities by embracing IQOS Iluma One, now available at 888 Vapour. As a premier provider of top-tier vaping products in the UK, 888 Vapour is your exclusive destination for IQOS Iluma One. Our expansive array of premium tobacco offerings and exceptional customer service solidify us as your ultimate choice for all things tobacco.

    Seize the Opportunity - Secure IQOS Iluma One at 888 Vapour Today!

    Become a part of the future of heated tobacco with IQOS Iluma One, where tobacco enjoyment takes on a whole new dimension. Embrace the fusion of innovation, sophistication, and convenience embodied in a single device - ready for acquisition at 888 Vapour. Elevate your tobacco journey today and bear witness to the extraordinary with IQOS Iluma One!

    Read the PMI Blog here: IQOS 3 DUO vs IQOS ILUMA: What’s the Difference? | IQOS UK

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    IQOS Iluma One Kit

    Iqos Iluma details

    Battery Power

    280 mAh

    Compatible With

    TEREA IQOS Iluma Sticks


    Your IQOS Iluma can charge back to full battery in less than 30 minutes!