Why isn’t my vape working? The ultimate guide to vape troubleshooting

by Melissa Greenlaw on Sep 22, 2021

Why isn’t my vape working? The ultimate guide to vape troubleshooting - 888 Vapour

When everything’s working properly, vaping is an enjoyable and relaxing experience for former smokers. Like all technology though, your vape device can develop issues from time to time, but most problems are quick and simple to fix yourself if you have a little background knowledge. 

To help you get your vape fixed ASAP, we’ve put together a list of our most commonly asked questions and shared our top tips for solving them. We recommend reading the instruction manual of any new vape device before you start using it, especially if you’re switching from something simple to a more complex kit or mod. Many of the answers to your initial operation questions can usually be found in your manual. 

Why isn’t my vape turning on? 

The first thing you need to check is the power button. Many devices have lock features to stop your vape firing when it’s in your pocket or bag and it could simply be that you’ve accidently activated it. Depending on the brand, this might mean you need to press the button 3, 5 or even six times to turn it on and off - but you’ll be able to find this out in your user manual. 

If you think your device should be charged up, make sure you’re using the correct charger for your battery. We recommend sticking with the charger your device came with, and always use the recommended voltage for your kit. You’ll know when it’s working as your device will light up or tell you that the charging process has started. 

The next thing to take a look at is your terminal and battery connection. The contacts between your tank and terminal can quickly build up gunk and dust, especially if your vape is prone to condensation build-up. You can use a cotton bud or small piece of tissue to gently wipe any dirt or liquid away. 

Why isn’t my vape battery holding its charge?

There are a number of reasons why your vape might not be holding its charge as well as it used to. If your kit allows you to alter the voltage or wattage, then vaping at a lower power will help you conserve battery life. Another thing to consider is coil resistance. The lower your atomizer head’s resistance, the more wattage is needed from the battery to fire up the coil, which means shorter battery life. 

Why isn’t my atomiser being detected?

The most common cause of your device failing to detect your atomiser or pod is a build-up of condensation and lint on the connectors, so give them a clean first and reattach it before you try anything else. 

You should also check that your pod or tank is properly placed in your device. If it’s crooked, it might simply be a case of taking it out and reinserting it. If you’ve dropped your vape or it’s taken a knock, it might need repairing or potentially a new tank.

It could also be an issue with your 510 pin, which is the part that screws onto your mod. Make sure you’re using the right attachment and that it’s properly attached to your device and not overtightened.

Check your coil to make sure it’s not loose or flooded with vape juice. You can easily clean it with a cotton bud, but it might be time to replace it. Make sure you prime your new coil with a few drops of e-liquid at the wick before you start vaping. 

Why is my vape leaking?

You might have overfilled your tank. Ideally, you want to leave a small gap at the top otherwise it may spill out when you replace the plug or place the tank back onto your device. If this is the case, try opening it up, emptying it a little and wiping away any excess juice with a clean cloth.

Blow through the tank and drip tip to clear any e-liquid droplets that might have leaked into it, refill it about 3 quarters of the way full and place the tank or pod back onto your device. Like most issues, it could be down to your coil. Try replacing it, some might have manufacturing issues, so even if you’ve recently switched it it could be a dud. 

If your vape is still leaking, it could be an issue with the seal that sits around the base of the tank to protect the battery. If you’ve regularly overtightened your tank it can cause the rubber seal to fail, but you can buy these from most vape stores or online. 

Why is my vape making gurgling or spitting sounds?

It’s normal for your vape to make some gurgling or spitting noises when you take a draw, especially if you’ve only just refilled your tank. If it is making excessive noise though, it might be that you have a leak or that you’ve overfilled it. 

Remove the mouthpiece if you can and flick the device toward the floor a few times to clear any excess vape juice. Make sure that you’ve not overfilled or overtightened the tank. If you need to, take the tank apart and rinse it out with warm water to clear any build up. Leave it to air dry fully before reattaching it to your device. If that hasn’t worked, your tank may not be suited to your vaping style and you might need to consider upgrading to allow you to take bigger inhales. 

When you overfill your vape, you also run the risk of flooding your coil. It could also be that you’re vaping at too low a wattage, so check the recommended setting in your coil and device manuals to make sure you’re vaping at the right level. 

Why is my vape’s screen blank?

Some devices have something called ‘stealth mode’, which can be activated by pressing the firing button a few times. If your vape hasn’t got this, it might be that you need a firmware update, which you can check online. If that didn’t work or there’s no update available, it might be that your device is broken. If it’s still within its warranty period and you bought it from us, you can pop into one of our 888 Vapour stores or contact our customer service team who’ll be happy to help.

Why isn’t my vape producing much vapour?

If you're not seeing the same huge vapour clouds you’ve gotten used to, then it might be a problem with your coil. When they get close to the end of their lifespan, coils usually start to produce a burnt flavour and less vapour when you inhale. If you’re a heavy vaper, they usually last around 1-2 weeks depending on their resistance and vape wattage. 

The next thing to consider is switching up your vape juice. The higher the VG content in your e-liquid, the bigger the vape clouds. The most common ratio is 70VG/30PG, so consider switching to shortfills and sub-ohm vaping, as you’ll get more vapour on the inhale and better value for money. If you’re unsure about upgrading or have any questions regarding your new device or e-liquids, pop into one of our stores and we’ll be happy to help. 

Why does my vape taste burnt?

If you’re getting a horrible burnt flavour from your vape, it’s likely that your coil has reached the end of it’s lifespan. All you need to do is switch it out for a new one, but if you’re finding your coils aren’t lasting as long as you’d like, it might be worth looking for an upgrade or trying out a lower wattage or voltage. 

Whenever you change your coil, we recommend priming it before you start using it by adding a few drops to the cotton and letting liquid settle in your tank for around 10-15 minutes before taking your first hit. This is especially important when you’re using a sub-ohm vape or large coils. 

If it’s still not tasting great, make sure you’re filling your tank with enough e-liquid. If you let it run too low, your coil will dry out, which will give you that burnt flavour. It could also be that you're taking too many draws in quick succession, meaning the coil can’t wick new liquid fast enough. Consider giving your e-cig a rest between puffs, or see if your tank can fit a coil with large airflow holes to allow more e-juice into it. 

Why doesn’t my vape taste of anything?

If you're used to getting great taste from the device you’re currently using, then there could be a few reasons why you’re not enjoying that same punch of flavour. If your coil is past its best, it won’t carry your e-liquid as well, so try switching it out for a new one. 

If you’re using a new liquid, remember that the lower the PG concentration, the less flavour you’ll get. Look out for high quality juice too to make sure you're vaping the best ingredients. We have a huge range of e-liquid to choose from, including tasty shortfills and high PG 10mls and we only stock the industry’s best quality products, so you can easily find the perfect vape juice for you at 888 Vapour. 

If you have adjustable voltage you can try increasing it, as higher voltage often delivers a stronger flavour. Just bear in mind that you’ll use more power, so it will reduce your battery life and burn through coils faster. 

Why aren’t I getting a satisfying throat hit?

Ex-smokers will be used to a punchy throat hit, and there are certain vapes and e-liquids that deliver this better than others. If you’re not satisfied with your throat hit, you might want to consider switching to mouth-to-lung vaping.

Mouth-to-lung or MTL vaping is when you inhale the vapour into your mouth first before breathing it into your lungs. MTL vaping uses higher PG liquids as they don’t require such a high temperature to vaporise, and it’s this that gives you that stronger throat hit you’ve been searching for. 

Nicotine strength and type plays an important role too. The higher the nicotine strength, the more powerful the throat hit will be. This only works if you're using freebase nicotine though, which is the standard used in most e-liquids. Nicotine salt, on the other hand, is designed to produce a smoother vape hit for those who like a higher nic content without the throat hit, so avoid those if that’s not what you’re looking to achieve. Flavour is also key too, as menthol and the more citrussy blends often deliver a stronger throat hit than the sweeter desert e-liquids. 

Why does my vape burn my throat?

If you’ve just made the switch from smoking to vaping, then you’ll want to start with a higher nicotine content at first to suit your needs. As we’ve already discussed, the higher the freebase nicotine content, the harsher the throat hit, but nicotine salts could be a better option for you. 

Nic salts are available in 5mg, 10mg and 20mg, offering a higher strength with a smoother inhale. We stock a large range of nicotine salts and hybrid e-liquids in store and online for you to choose from, including all the top brands like V4 VAPOUR, Riot Squad and Doozy Vape Co. 

How can I get a more satisfying nicotine hit? 

It’s likely that you’re not using a high enough nicotine strength. If you’re an ex-smoker, we recommend trying 12mg e-liquids, as this is a good starting point that you can move up or down from depending on how you feel after your first vape. 

It’s also best to start with MTL vaping, as Sub-Ohm vaping uses lower strength e-liquids. It’s better to move onto this after you’ve gotten used to vaping and you feel ready to decrease your nicotine intake. 

Why am I feeling lightheaded or dehydrated after vaping? 

It’s important to drink lots of water and stay hydrated throughout the day, especially if you’re vaping. Like all good things, it’s best to vape in moderation or at least decrease your nicotine strength. If you’re getting a dry throat, try taking shorter draws less frequently and don’t vape on a low tank. If you let your e-liquid run out it will produce a dry, burnt vape that will dry out your throat. You can also try switching to higher VG e-liquids with nic salt shots, which offer a smoother draw. 

Why has my e-liquid changed colour?

All e-liquids have an expiration date, but proper storage will help your vape juice last as long as possible. You should keep them stored in a cool, dry and dark place and don’t let them sit in your tank for too long. If you’ve not fired up your vape for several days, you’ll probably need to switch out your juice and rinse the tank. 

You may need to clean your tank too, as gunk and grime can build up, which will give your e-liquid that dark colour you’ve noticed. Vape juices with a higher nicotine strength will oxidise faster, so you’ll need to use these quicker than you would your shortfills. 

However, it's perfectly safe to use expired vape juice, it just might not taste as good. As the nicotine in e-liquid oxidises over time it can change the colour, even before the expiration date. This isn't something to worry about and it will still taste great!

There’s often a simple solution to your vape issues, but if you have any more questions or problems with your device, feel free to pop into one of our stores or contact our friendly customer service team. We stock a wide range of replacement accessories and parts. We also offer free next-day delivery on all orders over £25 to help you get vaping again ASAP! 

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