BRAND NEW Drifter Bar Salts taking the Vaping World by storm!

by Ash Griffiths on Jan 12, 2023

BRAND NEW Drifter Bar Salts taking the Vaping World by storm! - 888 Vapour

Drifter Bar Salts

The perfect e-liquid for disposable lovers is finally here! 888 Vapour are proud to bring you the revolutionary Drifter Bar Salt Range. Made from the top selling disposables around the world, this range brings insatiable flavours together to create a unique and satisfying vaping experience. With double flavour for double the taste, this range is set to become a firm favourite amongst vapers worldwide.
We truly believe nicotine salts are the future of e-liquids and Drifter Bar Salt Range has brought them to life in a way that you’ve never experienced before. With their selection of mouth-watering flavours, it’s no surprise that this range will become one of the most sought-after products on the market. So why wait? Get your hands on the Drifter Bar Salt Range now and experience the ultimate in vaping satisfaction.


Are you a fan of disposable e-cigarettes?
Well, the vape masters at Drifter have done it again - they've taken the top selling disposable flavours around the world and recreated them in their amazing Drifter Bar Salt range. Now, you can get all the flavour of your favourite disposables, without having to buy a new one every time. From tantalising Watermelon Ice, to the luscious sweet strawberry ice, the Drifter Bar Salt range provides an unbeatable experience.

drifter bar salts banner with the new flavours. more flavour, more juice

What makes this E-Liquid so perfect?
It's all thanks to the nicotine salt used in the mix. Not only does it provide the same hit as a top selling disposable, it also gives the same hit to each vape. So, no matter what your preference is when it comes to flavour, you can find something in this range that will suit your tastes. Drifter Bar Salts are also 
And the best part? You can get the Drifter Bar Salt range here at 888 Vapour! So, if you're looking for an e-liquid that has all the flavour of a disposable but with none of the hassle, then the Drifter Bar Salt range is the perfect choice for you.

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