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Drifter Bar Juice Lemon Lime 120ml Shortfill

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Escape to a tropical paradise with Drifter Bar Juice Lemon Lime, a 120ml shortfill e-liquid capturing the exotic sweetness of lemons with zesty lime. With a balanced 50/50 VG/PG blend, this zero-nicotine shortfill ensures versatility and flavour richness. Immerse yourself in the unique and tantalising vaping experience of Lemon and Lime, where floral notes meet sweet undertones. Perfect for vapers seeking an exotic and smooth flavour profile without nicotine. Drifter Bar Juice Lemon Lime - a taste of the tropics in every puff.

Boasting 50x the capacity of traditional UK disposable vaping products and 120ml of nicotine-free e-liquid, Drifter Bar Juice offers intense flavour derived from the highest quality disposables.

VG/PG Ratio: 50/50