888 Vapour explains everything you need to know about shortfills

by Melissa Greenlaw on Jun 13, 2021

888 Vapour explains everything you need to know about shortfills - 888 Vapour

If you’re new to the world of vaping, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the options and variety on show. From picking the right vape kit to choosing your nic preferences, there are a few areas you have to navigate before finding your feet. One type of e-liquid you may have heard mentioned is shortfills. But what are they and why should you give them a go?

What is a shortfill?

Shortfills were created after the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive), introduced regulations in 2017 which placed restrictions on vape kits, e-liquid bottles and vape pods. Since then, bottles containing nicotine can only hold 10ml of e-liquid, whilst vape tanks and pods are limited to a 2ml capacity. 

This was a big worry for both manufacturers and customers, as it would inevitably lead to an increase in price when it became impossible to produce and ship e-liquids in larger, more cost-effective quantities. 

To solve the problem, manufacturers created shortfills to make sure customers could continue to purchase the quantities that they needed without breaking the bank. It also put an end to vapers having to stuff their pockets full of 10ml bottles every time they left the house! 

The key to the success of shortfills is that they contain 0% nicotine, so they can be sold in much larger bottles. The reason vapers buy shortfill e-liquids is that each bottle has been ‘filled short’ of vape juice - this allows vapers to add their own nicotine shots and find the perfect balance for their e-cigarette kit.

Once they’re mixed, these e-liquids are used in exactly the same way as any other e-liquid when filling up your vape kit. 

How do I use a shortfill?

Shortfills are super easy to use, offering a higher quantity of e-liquid in all your favourite flavours. Simply grab your nic shots (or nic salts, if you prefer a smoother throat hit) and check the guidelines to determine how many you need to reach your desired strength.

Alternatively, a stronger flavoured 10ml e-liquid can be added to shortfills to create a custom flavour, but we accept no responsibility for any disasters you may concoct! One popular combination is menthol mixed with fruit, although we do offer cool shots instead, which might minimise the risk of any flavour disasters!

When you’re ready, remove the cap and slowly squeeze your nic shot into the bottle. After replacing the cap and cleaning up any spillage, give the bottle a five-minute shake to blend up the liquids. Voila - your e-liquid is now ready to vape. 

Do shortfills offer the same range of flavour?

Shortfills are available in the same vast range of flavours you’ve been used to in your 10ml liquids, so you don’t need to worry about sacrificing your favourites for the bigger bottle. 

To help you choose your new go-to shortfill, our website allows you to filter the liquids into bottle sizes, VG/PG ratios and vendors. Take your pick from our wide range of flavour profiles too, featuring our more adventurous varieties including drinksfruits and cereals.  

What are the best kits to use with shortfill e-liquids?

Generally speaking, you'll find that these larger shortfill bottles are high VG e-liquids, normally 70/30 VG/PG, making them more suitable for sub-ohm devices as opposed to the 50/50 VG/PG e-liquids you'll find in the 10ml bottles. 

You'll therefore want to make sure that your vape hardware is suitable for thicker e-liquids. These don’t work as well in MTL kits as there is much less cotton to wick the thicker juice, so you’ll find yourself replacing the vape coil constantly. 

It’s also worth bearing in mind that dessert flavoured e-liquids work better in sub-ohm devices as they require a higher temperature to really bring out their flavour. 

Generally, your vape coil needs to be about 0.8 ohms or below for the best vaping experience. Lots of vape tanks now offer a much bigger selection of replacement coils suitable for different types of e-liquid. 

Shortfills with a high PG concentration are creeping onto the market though. The Juice Sauz Ice Drop E-Liquid, for example, is 40/60 VG/PG, perfect for MTL vaping and the less powerful starter kits. For pod-style devices, you can even find vape pods now that will work with high VG vapour juice.

Why should I use shortfills?

Other than giving you full control of your vape levels, they also have plenty of other benefits. Regularly purchasing shortfills instead of standard 10ml e-liquid bottles will leave you with a lot more cash in your pocket. While it might be a little extra work adding in your own nicotine shots, the high volume of the bottles means you’re potentially saving money every time.

As an added bonus, if you buy from 888 Vapour you’ll receive two nic shots or nic salts along with your order. The cherry on top? Buying shortfills instead of 10ml e-liquids also help to reduce plastic waste, helping you save the planet one vape at a time. 

Whether you’re a veteran vaper or just getting started, shortfills are a cheap e-liquid option that gives you full control over your nicotine levels. With all those undeniable benefits, shortfills are a must-try for any committed vaper.

If you need any more advice on finding the right shortfill for you, or if you want to learn more about e-liquids in general, check out our comprehensive guide to e-liquids.

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