Bar Salts, How they compare to Nic Salts and the Benefits of choosing Bar Salts over disposables

by TCF Group on Apr 05, 2023

Bar Salts, How they compare to Nic Salts and the Benefits of choosing Bar Salts over disposables

Bar Salts, How they compare to Nic Salts and the Benefits of choosing Bar Salts over disposables.

Wondering the difference between different types of E-liquids? Why does everyone keep talking about Bar Salts? And what makes them so good? 

Bar salts are designed to give the user a quick hit of nicotine (similar to the feeling of smoking an actual cigarette) whilst not feeling as harsh on the throat and providing a richer flavour. This may sound familiar, as Bar Salts are an upgraded version of Nic Salts, but the main difference is that Bar Salts contain benzoic acid to lower the pH level of the liquid and enhance the smoothness and absorption rate. 

They are brilliant for low-powered starter vape kits such as the Aspire R1 (available online or at any of our 888 Vapour stores) as they deliver a MTL vape. This creates the same feeling as smoking a disposable or cigarette. 


Talking of disposables, they have seen a huge increase in usage and popularity over the past few years with over 52% of vapers reported to be using disposables (according to an ASH poll of current vapers, 2022). This has been great for the vaping industry for both customers and businesses as it has given an even wider range of products to choose from and they are extremely convenient for users. However, because of the 600 puff limit on disposables, it has been found that users are paying a huge price for this convenience; with many using 1 disposable each day. This can cost an individual up to £1820 a year. Bar Salts provide much more value for money: getting the same amount of puffs per year for £1639 less (only £181). 

At 888 Vapour we have multiple ranges of Bar Salts including Drifter Bar Salts, Bar Series and Doozy Seriously Bar Salts


Drifter Bar Salts 

Drifter Bar Salts are made from the top selling disposable flavours you know and love! Packed with double flavour for bigger taste, Drifter Bar Salts have been designed to appeal to those seeking the unique taste of a disposable device, in a salt e-liquid. With 5x the quantity of E-Liquid compared to a traditional disposable, Drifter Bar Salts offer value for money, with all the great flavour you would expect from a disposable.

  • 14 delicious flavours to try, with more to come! 
  • Available in 10mg and 20mg strengths 
  • Approximately 3500 puffs per bottle

Doozy Seriously Bar Salts 

Seriously Bar Salts, developed by Doozy Vape, are a selection of some of the most popular disposable e-liquid flavours. They are ideal for low-powered mouth-to-lung vaping systems and perfectly replicate the use of disposable e-cigarettes at a fraction of the price. The Really Bar Salts nicotine salt e-liquids come in handy 10 ml bottles and come in nicotine concentrations of 20 mg, 10 mg, and 5 mg.

Bar Series 

At 888 Vapour, we have 11 incredible Bar Series flavours to offer you, all created by the Mixtio flavour scientists from Major Flavor. They can be used in a variety of pod kits, many of which are offered by us at some of the most affordable prices! These flavours are nearly identical to Geekbar!



Visit one of our 888 Vapour stores or shop online to view our entire range of Bar Salts. 

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