Drifter Bar Salts: A Flavourful Oasis in the Egyptian Vaping Market!

Drifter Bar Salts: A Flavourful Oasis in the Egyptian Vaping Market!

Salaam, vapers! At 888 Vapour, we recently embarked on a sensational journey to Egypt, where we unveiled our exceptional brand, Drifter Bar Salts, to the vaping community. This exciting trip to Egypt has opened new doors and promising opportunities for our brand. Join us as we share the incredible success and partnerships we established during our time in Egypt, and discover how Drifter Bar Salts is set to become a leading name in this flourishing vape market.

A Resounding Success in Egypt:

Our venture in Egypt was met with overwhelming positivity. The reception from vapers and industry professionals alike was beyond our expectations. We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully landed the biggest distributor in Egypt, a groundbreaking achievement that positions Drifter Bar Salts at the forefront of the Egyptian vaping market. The distributor's confidence in our brand is evident in the sizable order for over 40,000 bottles, set to be delivered in the next two months.

Leading the Way in Registrations:

Egypt is witnessing a burgeoning vape market, and Drifter Bar Salts is at the forefront when it comes to registrations. With ten flavours currently in the process of being registered, we are committed to complying with local regulations and ensuring our products meet the highest standards. This dedication to registration sets Drifter Bar Salts apart from the competition and allows us to cater to the evolving needs of Egyptian vapers.

Embracing the Egyptian Vape Market:

The Egyptian vape market represents an immense opportunity for Drifter Bar Salts and 888 Vapour. With only 52 brands currently registered, our brand's imminent presence signifies a vast potential for growth and success. The positive feedback received during our time in Egypt has further fueled our belief that Drifter Bar Salts will become one of Juice Sauz's most significant markets, elevating the brand to new heights.

A Fruitful Partnership:

Our partnership with the largest distributor in Egypt instils full faith in the potential of Drifter Bar Salts in this thriving market. The distributor's confidence in our brand is a testament to the exceptional quality and flavour offered by Drifter Bar Salts. Together, we are poised to revolutionise the Egyptian vaping experience and deliver unparalleled satisfaction to vapers across the country.


Our journey to Egypt has been nothing short of extraordinary for Drifter Bar Salts and 888 Vapour. With the support of the largest distributor in the country and our commitment to registrations, we are paving the way for a flavour-packed oasis in the Egyptian vaping market. Join us on this exciting voyage as we continue to redefine the vaping landscape in Egypt, and stay tuned for more updates as Drifter Bar Salts becomes the go-to brand for vapers in this flourishing market!

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