888 Vapour and Drifter Bar Salts Dominates Madrid: A Vaping Sensation Like Never Before!

888 Vapour and Drifter Bar Salts Dominates Madrid: A Vaping Sensation Like Never Before!

Bucket Hats, Free Bar Salts and a dancing Mascot... Drifter Bar Salts and 888 Vapour have only just begun to conquer Europe!

Hola, vapers! At 888 Vapour, we recently embarked on an electrifying journey to Madrid, Spain, where we showcased our extraordinary brand, Drifter Bar Salts, to the passionate vaping community. Our time in Madrid was nothing short of spectacular, as Drifter Bar Salts took the city by storm, leaving an indelible mark on the vape industry. Join us as we delve into our adventure and share the remarkable success and partnerships we forged during our unforgettable trip to Madrid.

Conquering Madrid with Blue Bucket Hats:

Drifter Bar Salts was an instant hit in Madrid, and the iconic blue bucket hats adorned by our team members became a recognisable symbol at the show. The buzz around our booth was palpable, with vapers eagerly exploring the world of Drifter Bar Salts. The enthusiastic reception led to widespread adoption of our brand, and soon, blue bucket hats were seen all over the show, symbolising the vaping sensation that Drifter Bar Salts had become.

A Cherished Partnership with Ecig Logistica:

Our Spanish partner, Eciglogistica, wholeheartedly embraced Drifter Bar Salts as if it were their own baby. Their unwavering support and belief in our brand have resulted in substantial orders being placed every few weeks. The success of our partnership with Ecig Logistica exemplifies the strong bond we share and the shared commitment to revolutionising the vaping experience for Spanish vapers.

A Standout Presence at the Show:

Drifter Bar Salts stole the spotlight at the show, with our booth being the biggest and most successful. The striking visuals, captivating displays, and the allure of our flavours drew vapers in droves. The show served as a platform for Drifter Bar Salts to make a lasting impression on partners and competitors alike, positioning our brand as a formidable force in the Spanish vape market.

Rapid Market Penetration and Unprecedented Success:

Feedback from our partners in Spain highlighted an incredible observation – Drifter Bar Salts has taken the market by storm like no other brand before. The rapid market penetration and the overwhelming demand for our products have exceeded all expectations. As we launch more of the Drifter range, we anticipate an even more extraordinary response from Spanish vapers.


Our journey to Madrid was an unparalleled success for Drifter Bar Salts and 888 Vapour. The overwhelming reception, cherished partnerships, and rapid market penetration have solidified our position as a leading name in the Spanish vape market. With the support of our passionate partners and the continued excitement from new shops, Drifter Bar Salts is set to redefine the vaping landscape in Spain. Join us on this thrilling adventure as we continue to expand our reach and bring the exceptional flavours of Drifter Bar Salts to vapers across the nation. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as the blue bucket hats continue to make waves in Madrid and beyond!

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