Drifter Bar Salts Conquers Lyon: A Flavourful Revolution in the French Vaping Market!

Drifter Bar Salts Conquers Lyon: A Flavourful Revolution in the French Vaping Market!

Bonjour, vapers! At 888 Vapour, we recently embarked on an exhilarating journey to Lyon, France, where we introduced our exceptional brand, Drifter Bar Salts, to vaping enthusiasts in the region. This captivating trip showcased the intense flavours and unique vaping experience that Drifter Bar Salts offers. Join us as we delve into our adventure and share the incredible success and positive feedback we received during our time in Lyon.

Introducing Intensely Flavourful E-Liquids:

As we set up shop in Lyon, we were met with tremendous enthusiasm from vapers who were eager to explore the world of Drifter Bar Salts. Our distinct range of e-liquids, known for their intense flavours, captivated the taste buds of consumers. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many vapers expressing delight at experiencing flavours that were unlike anything they had tried before. Drifter Bar Salts had truly made its mark on the vaping scene in Lyon.

Establishing Partnerships and Expanding Distribution:

During our time in Lyon, we seized the opportunity to connect with individual shop owners as well as prominent vape shop chains. The immense interest in Drifter Bar Salts led to numerous orders and agreements with both local shops and major chains. Additionally, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with GFC, a reputable distributor, who will be carrying the full range of Drifter Bar Salts shortfills. This collaboration will ensure that vapers throughout France have easy access to our exceptional products.

Paving the Way for the French Market:

The response from the French vaping community has been nothing short of extraordinary. Drifter Bar Salts has sparked significant interest from some of the biggest vape shop chains in France, and ongoing discussions are taking place to solidify these partnerships. The overwhelmingly positive feedback received during our time in Lyon affirms our belief that Drifter Bar Salts has a solid place in the French market. We are excited to continue building a strong presence and satisfying the taste buds of vapers across the country.

A Flavourful Revolution:

Drifter Bar Salts is not just another e-liquid brand; it represents a revolution in the world of vaping. The intense flavours and exceptional quality of our products have resonated deeply with vapers in Lyon. Through our innovative approach and commitment to delivering a remarkable vaping experience, Drifter Bar Salts has become synonymous with flavour-packed satisfaction.


Our trip to Lyon, France was a resounding success for Drifter Bar Salts and 888 Vapour. The positive feedback, orders from shop owners and chains, and ongoing discussions with major players in the French market have reinforced our belief in the immense potential of Drifter Bar Salts. We are committed to continuing our journey, expanding our reach, and introducing vapers worldwide to the captivating flavours and unparalleled vaping pleasure that Drifter Bar Salts offers. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to revolutionise the vaping industry, one flavour at a time!

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