The New Aspire Flexus Q: A vape kit that exceeds expectations

by Melissa Greenlaw on Dec 04, 2021

The New Aspire Flexus Q: A vape kit that exceeds expectations - 888 Vapour

Aspire Flexus Q key features:

  • Lightweight device offering a range of features
  • 700mAh battery with 3A rapid-charge 
  • Three power levels to choose from
  • Replaceable mesh AF 0.6Ohm and 1.0Ohm coils
  • Auto-draw or fire button activation
  • Offers both MTL and RDTL vaping


The Aspire Flexus Q is available in seven vibrant colours, including aquamarine, turquoise and black if you want something a little more discrete. At just 57g, the Flexus is a lightweight, pocket-friendly device that feels comfortable in the hand. It uses a pod system with removable coils, so it offers more flexibility than other vape kits in its price bracket.

There’s an adjustable airflow slider located on the side of the Aspire Flexus, with the firing button located on the front. There’s minimal branding with just Aspire etches beneath the firing button and a gradient panel with Flexus Q written on the back. It has a rounded bottom where the charging port is located, so it’s not very stable when stood up, but it has a clean and minimal overall feel. 

The LED light is situated beneath the firing button, it glows when you draw on the device and indicates which power setting you’re using as well as your remaining battery life. 


The Flexus Q offers both auto-draw and fire button activation, and it can be locked to stop it firing in your pocket. The kit uses Aspire’s ASP chipset for enhanced safety protection, which provides overdischarge, overcharge, low voltage, vaping over-time, overheat and short-circuit protection. 

The Aspire Flexus Q offers three power settings to choose from, low, medium and high. The LED indicates which power setting you're using, with red being low, medium is blue and green indicates high power mode. You can adjust this by simply clicking the firing button three times, and that’s it - you’re ready to vape! The LED also indicates your current battery level. It glows red whilst you vape if your capacity is between 0-30%, blue for 30-60% and green at 60-100% charge remaining. 

The Aspire Flexus Q also features adjustable airflow, which you can change with the slider on the side of the kit. It offers a quick and simple transition between MTL and RDTL vaping, making the flexus a versatile kit that vapers new and old will appreciate. 

Pods and coils

The Aspire Flexus Q comes with a 2ml pod and two coils to choose from, a 0.6Ohm and 1.0Ohm AF atomizer. The 0.6Ohm coil is best vaped at 15-18W, whilst the 1.0Ohm coil performs best at 12-15W. The pod has an easy side fill point, and all you have to do is remove the pod and the plastic plug to top it up. 

Aspire’s new AF coils use organic cotton and have been carefully designed to ensure even heating for better flavour and vapour production consistency. 

Battery life and charging

The Aspire Flexus Q has a 700mAh internal battery, which lasts a surprisingly long time. You can easily get a full day vaping out of it on low and medium power. One of its most impressive features is the rapid fast-charging, which gets you back up to 80% capacity in just 10 minutes. 

Your battery life will all depend on how frequently you vape and which power setting you use. If you’re using the highest power setting all day with the airflow open all the way, it will reduce how long you get out of each charge. Despite this, the Flexus Q feels like it lasts a lot longer than it should for a 700mAh battery, and it outperforms a lot of its rivals at a similar price point. 

What’s in the box?

  • Flexus Q pod device
  • 1 x Flexus 2ml pod
  • 1 x AF 0.6Ohm mesh coil 
  • 1 x AF 1.0Ohm mesh coil
  • 1 x 3A Type-C USB cable 
  • User manual

So, what do we think?

Priced at just £19.99, the Aspire Flexus Q is a reliable and surprisingly powerful kit that offers excellent value-for-money. The pod design, with removable coils, increases its flexibility compared to its all-in-one pod competitors. This is a feature that will attract more experienced vapers looking for a portable vaping solution, as well as new vapers seeking a high quality starter kit. 

If you’re looking for a portable device that offers great battery life and a range of useful features, then the Aspire Flexus Q could be the perfect device for you!

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