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If you’re looking for a more traditional e-liquid then Aura has you covered. Bringing you four salt nicotine flavours to 888 Vapour is Aura. Aura e-liquids are manufactured in the UK, providing a range of layered nicotine salt blends including menthol, tobacco and aniseed flavours.

Salt nicotine is made from the same nicotine found within the tobacco plant leaf but requires a different manufacturing process to freebase nicotine to make it effective to vape. The original nicotine is mixed with an acid to lower the pH level, creating a smoother throat hit compared to traditional freebase. This means that users can vape nicotine salts at higher strengths without experiencing an uncomfortable hard throat hit.

Eclipse- A mixture of fresh forest fruits blended with aniseed!

Resolve- A double menthol flavour for those that like it cold.

Temptation- A crisp apple flavour blended with aniseed for a nice sweet vape.

Vigor- A vigorous hit of spearmint for ultimate refreshment.

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