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    Elux Legend Bar Salt - Blueberry Sour Raspberry

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    Blueberry and Raspberry


    Blueberry and Raspberry

    Product description

    Introducing the Blueberry Sour Raspberry flavour by Elux Legend Bar Salts, a captivating blend that combines the sweetness of blueberries with the tart kick of sour raspberries. Immerse yourself in the dynamic fusion that captures the essence of a berry symphony, delivering a delightful and satisfying vaping experience with every puff. Crafted with a 50% VG concentration, this nic salt e-liquid ensures minimal vapour production, providing a discreet and satisfying Mouth To Lung (MTL) vape.

    Key Features:

    • Blueberry Sour Raspberry Fusion: A perfect harmony of sweet blueberries and tart sour raspberries, creating a dynamic and flavourful vaping experience.
    • MTL Vaping Experience: Crafted with a 50% VG concentration, providing minimal vapour for a familiar and satisfying inhale.
    • Nicotine Strengths: Available in 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths, allowing for a customisable vaping experience.
    • Fast Nicotine Absorption: The salt nicotine base ensures swift craving satisfaction and a smooth throat hit.
    • Inspired by Bestselling Elux Disposables: The Blueberry Sour Raspberry flavour is inspired by the success of Elux's bestselling disposable vapes, ensuring a delightful and popular vaping experience.


    • Nicotine Strengths: 10mg, 20mg
    • VG/PG Ratio: 50% VG / 50% PG
    • Bottle Size: 10ml
    • Designed for: MTL (Mouth To Lung) Vape Kits
    • Origin: Made In China
    • Safety Features: Childproof Cap, Tamper Evident Seal, Recyclable Bottle
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                  Elux Legend Bar Salt - Blueberry Sour Raspberry


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