Latest vape trends show that e-cigarette use by never smokers is "very rare"

by Melissa Greenlaw on Mar 21, 2023

Latest vape trends show that e-cigarette use by never smokers is "very rare"
Latest findings by The Smoking in England research team at UCL analyses the latest vape trends following a survey of 1800 people. Here’s what you need to know.
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The Smoking in England research team, based at University College London, have published their latest statistics on England’s vape trends. Each month since 2011, the team conducts surveys of household vaping and smoking habits across the country. 

With e-cigarettes currently regulated as a consumer product, the research aims to track the use of vape devices and monitor how far they appear to be helping reduce smoking rates. The survey of 1800 participants, including 450 smokers, has found that vape use across the adult population has remained relatively stable since late 2013. 

The research also shows that e-cigarette use by never smokers remains very rare, but use among long-term ex-smokers has grown. This is the latest in a growing wealth of evidence to support the validity of vape devices as an effective tool for quitting smoking long-term. 

Vape kits with rechargeable batteries and refillable tanks are currently the most popular device, but disposables have also risen in popularity over the last year. Specialist vape shops are also the most popular place people buy their e-cigarettes and e-liquid from, which is good news for the industry following lockdown. 

Specialist vape shops are a great place to purchase your new vape device, as staff members there can share invaluable advice and guidance on quitting for good. It’s also an opportunity to ask questions about vaping and what might be the best e-liquid strength and flavour for you. 

The report also shared good news in terms of smoking rates too, with success rates in stopping smoking increasing after 2011 and again in 2020. Other key findings included:

  • There has been a long-term decline in the prevalence of cigarette smoking since 2007
  • Ex-smokers use e-liquids with stronger concentrations of nicotine
  • Use of 20mg (2%) and stronger nicotine has increased since 2016
  • E-cigarette use is least popular with older smokers while NRT use is lower among younger smokers


Whilst the report doesn’t definitively state it, the drop in smoking rates and rise in e-cigarette use amongst ex-smokers indicates that vaping is helping more people quit smoking for good. This is great news for the industry and smokers looking to quit, as it helps support the fact that vaping is a valuable alternative to cigarettes. 

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